Machines and systems for the production, processing and recycling of plastics.


The Weko rotor system is a unique system for applying small to very small amounts of moisture/water and chemicals on material webs. The system is used worldwide in the textile, nonwoven, carpet, (plastic) film, paper, printing and metal industries.
The system works contactless and very accurately over its width and length at various speeds.
In addition to the rotor system, Weko also has a powder system which, like the rotor system, is often used in the printing and film industries.

Supplier: WEKO


The fast medium-wave KRELUS IR heaters are superior.
Due to the physical properties of almost all materials that can be treated with infrared, the medium wave radiation in the range of 2.5 µm – 3.5 µm gets the best results. This is only the emission range where our KRELUS IR heaters perform best.
Our modular and customised IR heaters have various possibilities for individual, almost endless applications.
The KRELUS-IR heaters operate with the shortest response time ON/OFF. This guarantees the highest economic use of electrical energy and the fastest adaptation to the required temperatures on product surfaces. Therefore, our IR heaters are very active with a gentle effect on treated products and, more importantly, they are energy-saving.

Supplier: KRELUS IR

BMSvision Plastics

BMSvision is market leader in the field of Manufactoring Execution Systems (MES), or monitoring systems, for the plastics industry. The MES systems are integrated with ERP, allowing the new requirements of INDUSTRY 4.0 and the SMART FACTORY to be realised.
In the Netherlands alone, there are many well-known and less well-known plastics companies that register and monitor their production day and night with an MES system.
Monitoring system for the plastics extrusion and injection moulding industry
This module keeps your process within the desired specifications for optimal
product quality.
The BMS real time energy monitoring system. With this supporting tool, it is possible to gain insight into the energy consumption of the production process.