The fast medium-wave KRELUS IR heaters are superior.
Due to the physical properties of almost all materials that can be treated with infrared, the medium wave radiation in the range of 2.5 µm – 3.5 µm gets the best results. This is only the emission range where our KRELUS IR heaters perform best.
Our modular and customised IR heaters have various possibilities for individual, almost endless applications.
The KRELUS-IR heaters operate with the shortest response time ON/OFF. This guarantees the highest economic use of electrical energy and the fastest adaptation to the required temperatures on product surfaces. Therefore, our IR heaters are very active with a gentle effect on treated products and, more importantly, they are energy-saving.

  • Krelus ministraler IR G14 (248 x 248 mm)
  • Krelus ministraler IR G7 (123 x 496 mm)
  • Krelus mini mm3 (123 x 248 mm.)
  • IR emitters according to customer's specific dimensions, possibly assembled from the above standard elements
  • Controlling
  • Temperature measurement and control