BMSvision Textiles

Production monitoring systems (MES) integrated with ERP, realising the new requirements of INDUSTRY 4.0 and the SMART FACTORY. Especially for the textile industry (spinning, weaving, knitting, finishing/dyeing) and carpet industry (tufting). Systems for quality control in the various yarn processes. Energy monitoring systems.


BMS Vision products for the textile and carpet industry

  • Cyclops: the camera travels over the fabric on the loom. The system detects warp and weft faults and defects during the weaving process.
  • BarcoProfile: Real-time production and quality monitoring on texturing machines.
  • QualiMaster: Fabric inspection enabling optimal removal of defects.
  • SpinMaster: Real-time production and quality monitoring for spinning mills.
  • EnergyMaster: Monitoring of the energy consumption of textile weaving mills.
  • WeaveMaster: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for weaving mills.
  • TuftMaster: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for tufting companies.
  • Argus: Fabric inspection on jacquards.