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Picanol Rapier weaving machines have taken off in recent years. This is partly due to the development of the various guiding systems and the stability of the current machines.
Picanol rapier looms have the Guided Gripper System (GC), the Free Flight System (FF) and the Guided Positive Gripper System (GPG). With this last unique system, developed by Picanol itself, the applicability of the Picanol rapier looms has been further extended and embraced by the weavers.

Supplier: PICANOL


The Si jacquard was developed to meet the demand for high hook capacity at high speed. Thanks to the development of the micro-selector, we were able to develop the fastest, lightest and most compact jacquard in its range, while maintaining the strength, stability and robustness typical of Bonas jacquards.
The Si series is extremely suitable for weaving all kinds of fabrics, including damask, airbags, silk, clothing, curtain fabric, upholstery fabric, lining, wall coverings,… The Si features meet the requirements of the customer: long life, low energy consumption, minimum maintenance, high performance, flexibility, high speed,…

Supplier: BONAS