Rasor produces various types of cutting systems, both battery operated, electric and pneumatic. They are used for many different products such as (technical) textiles, composite, carpet and floor covering, artificial grass, nonwoven, rubber, leather …
B.L.W. Visser will gladly advise you which cutting system suits your product and application best. If necessary we will visit you for a test or trial with one of our demo machines.

Rasor General Brochure
Rasor Electric bench cutter Brochure
Rasor Zero 702 Battery Driven scissor Brochure
Rasir GRT12M Electric 3-phase cutting system Brochure

Rasor cutting machines:

  • Battery Driven Scissor: the very powerful battery driven cutting system Zero702
  • Electric Hand Shears: the no nonsense electric hand cutting machine including the famous Optima702
  • Pneumatic Hand Shears: pneumatic hand shears with own Rasor air motor
  • Electric Bench Cutters: the electric table cutters.
  • Pneumatic Cutting Units: pneumatic recessed cutting systems
  • Single Phase Cutting Units: electrical built-in cutting systems
  • 3-phases Cutting Units: very powerful electric systems for continuous operation
  • 3-phase DirectDrive Cutting Units: for applications where high speeds are required.
  • GreenCutter: special system for cutting artificial grass. Spares the pile.
  • Accessories: Rail systems, batteries, special feet, lubricants, etc.
  • Blades: Round and angular (4,6,8,12,…), 50-200 mm, Teflon coated, Inox, HSS,
  • Parts