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B.L.W. Visser has its roots in the textile industry. For over 94 years B.L.W. Visser has remained true to the textile market as an acknowledged supplier and advisor for well-established brands.

Our knowledge of textile has been continued in specializations in the synthetic market.

The sensor division is well known in the Benelux with their specific products for temperature measurements and other non contact industrial measurements

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Divisions at B.L.W. Visser

Our specializations can be classified into 3 divisions. Below a short description:

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Sensor Technology:

The sensor department is specialized in non contact measurement technology. In 1980 they started with Raytek infrared thermometers and has now been expanded with non contact length and speed measurement, ultrasonic presence measurements, ultrasonic leak detectors and pilot and flare monitoring systems. As specialists in temperature we can indicate temperatures in high magnetic and/or energetic sources such as transformers, micro-wave ovens etc. with the aid of Fluoroptic fibertechnology. Our high-end Shockloggers minutely record all events during transport or load of your valuable products.

Our suppliers are: Raytek, Fluke, Ircon, Lamerholm Electronics, Neoptix, HydePark, Beta Lasermike, Scangrip (EP) and Powertrol.

B.L.W. Visser is with more than 25 years of experience in infrared temperature measurement, your expert on thermometers and thermal imagers!

Textile Technics

The department of textile technology. Located in the centre of the textile industry and still connected with the textile enterprises, not only in the region, but also nationally. We are able to support your textile process from the beginning to the end, together with our suppliers. Spinning, weaving, preparing, finishing. For all these applications, we are working closely with the right suppliers. All our staff is specialized in the textile industry and can help you in choosing the right machine for your business. Well-established companies like Swisstex, Picanol, Georg Sahm are part of our package

Plastic Technics

The department of plastics engineering. Specialist in providing equipment and solutions for the plastics industry. We are able, together with our suppliers, to guide you from start to finish in your production process. This can vary from non-contact measurement of some process parameters, monitoring production data as far as providing complete recycling plants. Some well-established partners are amongst others BMS Vision, Doteco, Italmaster, Krelus en Starlinger.