WIC 336

Workswell WIC are stationary LWIR (Long wavelength infrared) thermal cameras for precise non-contact temperature measurements in laboratory and industrial environments. Workswell’s WIC offers several different sensor resolutions, which are 336x256px (WIC 336) and 640x512px (WIC 640) with a sensitivity up to =0.03°C (30mK). This thermal camera can be connected by a USB3 interface (perfect for laboratory usage and PCB analysis) and GigE (suitable for industrial applications and integration with manufacturing processes). All WIC thermal cameras are calibrated during the manufacturing process and are delivered with an official calibration certificate. Resolution 336 x 256 px


All WIC thermal cameras can be set up using an exact time protocol for picture synchronization.

Workswell’s CorePlayer software automatically identifies the presence of the thermal camera, sets an IP address, and ensures that the thermal camera is connected to your system. All WIC thermal cameras use 14 RAW data formats or directly calibrated temperature in each pixel. The thermal cameras picture can be displayed in different temperature color palettes with an interactive side banner and many measuring functionalities. Parameters such as NUC, emissivity, and temperature range can be easily set by the user while also allowing the user to add different measuring functionalities, save radiometric pictures and videos, apply graphs, or create an attractive PDF protocol.

Full version of Workswell CorePlayer software and SDK for Windows and Linux are included in the delivery package.However, you can pay extra for a special SDK for ARM, for example.


Resolutie 336 x 256 px
Gevoeligheid 30mK
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2%
Optional lenses 17° - 45°
Focusing Manual
Communication USB3 or GigE
Software CorePlayer
SDK ja
output na
input na
visuele camera nee
Spectral Response Short 8
max distance to object (45 lens, ifov <1 40 meter