Mathis «KTF-S» coating and drying in a continuous process


The two mainstays of MATHIS AG

1. Construction of laboratory textile machines for dyeing and finishing applications in the textile, chemical and dye industries. Today we are proud to say that we are the world's leading producer of laboratory textile machines.

2. Construction of coating systems for laboratories and production facilities in the textile, paper and foil sectors, the pharmaceutical and plastics industries, battery and fuel cell producers, steel and aluminium processors as well as the automobile industry.

  • Laboratorium coater/droger LTE(-S)
  • Reserve Roll Coater
  • Continu coating systemen
  • Bekerverfapparaten o.a. IR
  • Laboratorium spanraam
  • Thermotester voor (kunststof-)folie
  • Andere types drogers, coaters en verfapparatuur voor laboratorium en smalle materialen (tot max. 1000 mm)
  • Testapparatuur
  • Laboratoriummachines op klantspecificatie
Mathis LTE-SM Lab Coater

                 Mathis LTE-SM Lab Coater

Mathis Labomat BFA IR Deying

Mathis Labomat BFA IR Deying

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