500 à 2000°C
Pour les métaux ferreux et non ferreux, le chauffage par induction, les fours, la recherche en laboratoire.



Built for use in harshest environments, the Thermalert sensor withstands ambient temperatures up to 85 °C (185 ºF) without extra cooling. The sensor supports many wavelengths and can be used for a broad range of application.


Designed to handle wider temperature ranges this sensore comes with superior in class optical resolution. 2-wire loop powered RS-

485 as well as digital (Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET IO) and analog outputs are available to meet your process requirements. Galvanic insulation ensures correct readings.


  • Sensors are rugged, small and easy to install 
  • Laser sighting available for all instruments
  • Backward compatibility to old Raytek® and Ircon® in class sensors and accessories
  • Broad range of accessories available (high temperature enclosures, cables,…)
  • 2-year warranty


Temperatuurbereik 500 tot 2000°C
Spectraal Bereik 2.2 µm
D:S 60:1
Smallest spotsize 1,3 mm
Indicator laser
Response Time 130 ms
Fiber option -
Bijzonderheid Integrated stainless steel Sensing Head