The main application of the HT Jigger is the dyeing of polyester, polyamides and blends of these fibres with cotton.
The HT Jigger works with temperatures up to 143°C (289°F) and is capable of dyeing synthetic fabrics without environmentally harmful carriers.

HIGH-TEMPERATURE JIGGER – General Specifications

– "Repro dyeing" systems

– "Power flush" system

– Water flow meter

– AC motors and electronic drives

– Unique drive algorithm

– 316TI tank, 316L, interior

– Max. temperature 143°C (289°F), 3 Bar

– Certified pressure vessel

– Low-friction composite bearings

– Barco or Setex control interface

– Pneumatic valves for all functions

– Fluid circulation system with stainless steel pump

– Heavy-duty tank displacement

– Locking ring with locking seal

– External heat exchanger for cooling and heating