An ultrasonic solution designed to control the density of closed volumes.



Leakage detection is an issue that affects all industries. The TIGHTChecker is an ultrasonic solution that locates leaks in any volume. Cars, trains, planes, buildings, sterile areas, … the TIGHTChecker checks everything.


The TIGHTChecker is very easy to use. Open the kit, position the T-SONIC1, turn on the volume and listen for leaks. The TIGHTChecker's crystal clear sound and vibrant color screen reveal even the smallest leaks.


With so much to test, the demand for the TIGHTChecker is very high. The low entry costs, the versatility and the quality make the TIGHTChecker the most affordable solution to test anything that leaks. But also really everything.


Geschikt voor dichtheid van gesloten volumes te controleren