Rugged design, compact and robust packaging, and reliable fiber optic temperature monitoring system for continuous online monitoring and testing applications in harsh operating conditions of energy, mobility, aerospace and defense, Oil & Gas and Industrial segments

Brochure Rugged Monitoring T301

The Rugged Monitoring T301 is a multi-channel precision measurement fibre optic temperature monitor for industrial and laboratory applications. The T301 fibre optic monitor combines a compact form factor with a user-friendly interface in the monitor and software. It is designed to operate reliably in extreme EMI, RFI, microwave, and high voltage environments. The T301 has a measurement range of -271 °C to +300 °C. The system provides full immunity to RFI, EMI, chemicals, microwave radiation, and high voltage, making it an optimal choice for environments where the limitations of conventional temperature sensors/monitors affect operation in extreme conditions. The system is based on proven zero-drift GaAs technology and designed for Plug and Play use.

The T301 is designed to collect data and easily integrate into existing systems via serial communications such as RS-485 or Gigabit Optical Ethernet. The T301 monitor comes with Rugged Connect software that is designed with the needs of Test Platform or Industrial Process Monitoring integration needs in mind. It has the data integration capability of multiple test platforms. The Rugged Connect software is designed to collect data from 256 channels simultaneously. Plug and Play functionality provides the flexibility to swap sensors without the inconvenience/concern of calibration. Rugged Monitoring has a dedicated team for application-specific modifications for fiber optic sensors, monitor configuration and software integration to simplify data collection for test and monitoring applications.


  • Transformer Hot Spot Monitoring
  • Industrial process control and monitoring
  • Testing of electric vehicles and batteries
  • Medical device testing (MRI, PETSCAN, NMR)
  • Commercial Microwave Radiation
  • Food and Beverage Processes