Santex, founded in 1982 in Switzerland, is now part of the Santex-Rimar Group and manufactures and supplies machines for finishing knits.
These include machines for the shrink-free and softening of knits such as tricot, but also for other types of knits and various blends.
Santex machines are known for their low energy consumption, high speeds and perfect reproducibility.

Santex machines:

  • Santeshrink Progress: integrated treatment system for shrinkage
  • Santashrink Jumbo & Super Jumbo: tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing
  • ESC: Energy-saving chamber
  • Santacompact RD: Calender levelling, steaming and compacting
  • Santasynpact: levelling, steaming and compacting
  • Santashrink Standard: Tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing
  • Santaspread: Steaming and compacting of tubular materials
  • Santastretch: Dewatering and overstretching / wet on wet impregnation