Raytek ST25; Raytek AutoPro

For the automotive industry.
SmartSight Dual Laser Sighting.


Raytek ST25; Raytek AutoPro – For the automotive technician

Temperature variations can indicate common mechanical and electrical problems. Diagnose them faster, safer, and easier with AutoProT, the non-contact infrared thermometer designed specifically for the automotive professional.
AutoPro features SmartSightT – two lasers fuse together to form a single laser dot to indicate a 13mm target, an ideal spot size for measuring small areas often required for automotive diagnostics. AutoPro can read temperatures up to 535°C, and can accurately measure in low light by illuminating the work area with a built-in LED torch. AutoPro also features an illustrated, step-by-step user manual with detailed instructions for many common automotive diagnostic procedures, including engine misfires, exhaust and emissions, cooling systems and heating and air conditioning systems.


Temperatuurbereik -32..+535ºC
Spectraal bereik 8-14 µm
Emissivity 0.95
Accuracy ±1% of ±1 ºC bij 23 ºC
Optische resolutie (D:S) 16:1
Bereik (afstand) kleinste meetspot van 13mm op 200mm afstand
Laser meetpuntaanduiding SmartSight Dual Laser Sighting
Model Raytek AutoPro
Holster incl. koffer
Prijs (Euro) 175