Raytek MiniTemp MTFS

For the food industry.


Specially designed for Food Service applications

MiniTempFS is a fast and effective monitoring instrument, specially designed and calibrated to meet the accuracy requirements of the Food Service industry.

This handy thermometer instantly reads surface temperature, making it convenient for more frequent measurements.

As a scanning instrument, MiniTempFS quickly identifies potential critical temperature problem areas.

Using a MiniTempFS-plus a probe thermometer-ensures safer food handling, from receiving dock to table, and all steps in between.


Temperatuurbereik -30..+200°C
Spectraal bereik 8-14 µm
Emissivity 0.97
Accuracy -30 tot 0°C: ±1°C +0.1 graad/graad 0 tot 65°C: ±1°C boven 65°C: 1.5% van de uitlezing
Optische resolutie (D:S) 4:1
Bereik (afstand) Advies 1m
Laser meetpuntaanduiding ja
Model MiniTemp MTFS
Holster ja
Prijs (Euro) 138