The Pleva StraightLiner SL 1 & SL 2.1 are impact straighteners where the full width (every 5 cm!) is detected by a CCD camera. As a result, this system is not only much faster and more accurate than other systems on the market, but it also provides information about the exact width and weft density or number of stitches per cm. of the fabric/knit.

  • StraightLiner SL 1 for a maximum fabric width of 2800 mm
  • Reinforced version SL 2.1 for a maximum fabric width of 5600 mm (also for carpets!)
  • Modular design, thus high flexibility
  • Universal, lightning-fast, non-contact scanning and deformation analysis with the integrated new
  • Structure Detektor as a single (SD 1) with high resolution that passes quickly through the digital camera.
  • Significantly better detection capability compared to competitive products.
  • Precise detection analysis on very complicated fabric structures, e.g. Jacquard, upholstery fabric, etc:
  • Jacquard, fabric for furniture, car seats, satin, denim, knits and other…
  • Precise calculation of the distortion thanks to a very large number of measuring points across the width,
  • which improves the correction of the distortion
  • High straightening effect

  • Extremely fast computer-controlled and maintenance-free servo drives
    ensure the shortest possible adjustment time for the rolls.
  • High-tech Inlet-Outlet straightening systems for the highest demands