Pleva produces sensors and (control) systems for measuring the various parameters in drying and coating processes for the textile, carpet, nonwoven, paper and related industries.
Measuring and controlling the different parameters improves the drying process and the quality of your product. Also the reproducibility and energy consumption can be optimised.

Pleva AF 120 Material Moisture Brochure
Pleva-Cintex Eco-optidry Brochure

  • AF120/AF110/AF210/AF310: Sensors for measuring material moisture during e.g. impregnation, painting, coating and drying. Perfect application for yield measurement in waterborne processes.
  • TDS: sensors for measuring material temperature in drying processes (up to 400°C!!!).
  • FS91: Sensors to measure air temperature and humidity in drying processes.
  • OS90: Sensor for measuring oxygen during drying and painting processes. Suitable for very high temperatures.
  • SL1/SD1: Camera systems/arrangers for measuring weft straightness, weft density and width.
  • AS120: Yield measurement in the baling plant.
  • RR1: Residual moisture measurement (contact).
  • Process visualisation and control systems.