100 to 650 °C
For rotary kilns, hot clinker, hot spot detection on conveyor applications
IR line scanner, for thermal display


The MP150 Raytek infrared line scanner is designed for use in demanding industrial environments and provides accurate temperature images of moving objects. This multi-point linear scanner can capture up to 1024 measurement points per line and has a maximum scanning speed of 150 lines per second.

An internal high-speed microprocessor processes all these temperature measurements. The MP150 includes an air or water cooling system, three configurable analogue outputs and digital communication. The line scanner is also equipped with an integrated TCP/IP Ethernet and a built-in laser.

The MP150 can be used in stand-alone mode, connected to a PC, or integrated into a process control system using DataTemp DP, a Windows-based industrial software package, which allows remote configuration of the MP150 line scanner and real-time process monitoring. With the OPC server functionality of DataTemp DP software, the scanner becomes an integral part of a Distributed Control Interface (DCI) or Human Machine Interface (HMI). In either case, the MP150 offers real-time monitoring and control capabilities.

Optional analogue or digital output modules are available. The MP150 process imaging systems are available with different temperature ranges and spectral regions for different applications. 

MP150 Line Scanner

  • Real-time thermal display for continuous or discrete processes
  • Up to 1024 measuring points per line
  • 90° measuring angle
  • Fast scan speed up to 150 lines per second
  • Optical resolution up to 200:1
  • Integrated linear laser for fast alignment
  • On-board TCP/IP communication via Ethernet
  • Wide range of models and spectral measurement ranges


Temperatuurbereik 100 to 650 °C
Spectraal Bereik 3-4 µm
D:S 170:1
Smallest spotsize 15 mm
Indicator laser
Response Time 20 ms
Fiber option
Bijzonderheid MTBF 40.000h