An ultrasonic solution specially designed to quickly and easily find compressed air and vacuum leaks in noisy environments.



Compressed air leaks lead to unnecessary waste of energy. Discover and stop them quickly with the SDT LEAKChecker, an ultrasonic solution to reduce waste and save money.


LEAKChecker is very easy to use. Open the kit, turn on the device and start the search for leaks. Enjoy a vibrant color screen and headphones with crystal clear sound. The LEAKChecker makes leak checking fun again.


Air leaks are an expensive problem … And LEAKChecker is the affordable solution. Quality at a surprising price.

LEAKChecker, in combination with the LEAKReporter app, provides customers with a platform to detect, log and generate reports that show how their initiatives contribute to a more sustainable environment.


Geschikt voor perslucht en vacuümlekkages