A cost-effective option that is ideal for monitoring transit containers when damage limit conditions are known.



ShockWatch® g-View monitors and records shocks during transport, storage and use of products and equipment at an affordable price. The device accurately records the dates and times when the user-defined threshold is exceeded on the X, Y and Z axes. With the capacity to record data for 100 events per axis, the device alerts you when damage may have occurred, allowing you to react immediately.

  • X, Y and Z impact thresholds that can be independently programmed for accurate monitoring
  • Records date, time, internal temperature, shaft overshoot and shaft amplitude
  • iButton® for setting, resetting and data transfer
  • Self-contained design, free from cables and wires
  • LED lights for visual notification of threshold violations
  • Simple programming interface


Acceleration Ranges 10G or 25G
Maximum Number of Events (detailed) 0
Maximum Number of Summaries 0
Battery Life Up to 6 months