Corino produces various machines and systems for finishing knits and fabrics. In addition, they have various systems for straightening and pleat-free running of knits, fabrics and nonwovens in production. Call or email for expert advice.

Product range:

  • Straighteners: for de-watering and straightening of dry/wet fabric or knitwear after e.g. strand dyeing
  • Openers for knitted fabrics: for cutting open and rolling off round knitted fabrics
  • Slat rollers: various designs for aligning and pleat-freeing textiles. In both dry and wet environments. Also for use in steamers!
  • Guided rollers
  • Spreading rollers
  • Alignment systems
  • Input systems, in various versions, for digital printers
  • Centre guide roller. For expanding the fabric and guiding to the centre line. CMP Activated by ON-OFF pneumatic cylinder. CME Activated by proportional electronic servomotor.
  • Feeding unit for digital printers. Various models available!