Benchmike Pro

The Industry’s Leading High-Accuracy, Off-Line Diameter & Ovality Measurement System

Fast, precise and repeatable ID/OD/Wall/Ovality measurements of cut product samples.

  • Industry-Leading Gauge – over 15,000 gauges installed worldwide at the foremost manufacturers
  • Most Accurate Measurements – leading manufacturers rely on BenchMike’s ±0.9 μm accuracy and ±0.25 μm repeatability to produce superior-quality products
  • Non-Contact – won't distort part or scratch product surface and eliminatesoperator-influenced measurement error
  • Easiest System to Use – intuitive touch-screen GUI, easily accessible product recipe library and flexible I/O integration makes using BenchMike Pro a snap
  • Industry 4.0 Ready – get powerful Ethernet connectivity, communication and control capabilities
  • Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service
  • A variety of Modular Fixtures are available for any gauging need to properly hold workpieces.

Off-Line Dimensional Measurements Anywhere You Need

Non-contact laser technology, unsurpassed accuracy and a compact design that allows it to fit almost anywhere have made the BenchMike Pro gauge the industry’s leading off-line diameter and ovality measurement system.

Used in either a Quality Control (QC) laboratory or on the plant floor, BenchMike Pro gives operators a simple and repeatable system for measuring product samples and immediately knowing whether they meet specifications within tolerances of less than 1 micron. Perform fast, accurate and repeatable dimensional measurements of diameter, multiple ODs, ovality, part position, multiple part dimensions (OD and ID), wall thickness, total runout, and gap settings between rollers, to name few. 

We offer two BenchMike Pro models to meet your specific measurement needs:

  • Model 25 – for products up to 25 mm in diameter
  • Model 50 – for products up to 50 mm in diameter